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Services & Solutions

Plant Engineering

We help our customers assisting plant engineering solutions through our innovative technologies. The area of expertise covers conventional/non-conventional power plants, hybrid solutions, energy storage and optimisation technology, including the energy management platform. DITYASiS Energy lifecycle services are designed to increase efficiency, promote reliability and guarantee operational performance.

System Studies

Electrical power system that functions optimally is essential for a reliable power supply. Every new load, expansion, upgrade and configuration change in the network can produce conditions for which the network was not originally designed. If there are faults in the protection system, any relatively small errors can lead to significant financial damage as a result of uncontrolled interruptions. The network studies conducted by DITYASiS show where critical points occur in the network. DITYASiS provide you with information so that the right decisions can be made when planning upgrades or expansions of electrical system. This results in lower operational costs, greater availability and minimum risk of faults.


DITYASiS consulting engineering team is concerned with the collaboration of consulting engineers having know-how in diverse fields. DITYASiS is committed to deliver high quality services and consultancy within all project phases like Feasibility, Concept Studies and FEED engineering, Basic and Detail Engineering as well as Site Services and As Built drawings. It can provide the whole range from single discipline engineering to multi-discipline services for managing the whole project or part of the project across the globe.

Industrial IOT

Industry sector are under competitive edge to achieve higher efficiencies in all the manufacturing and servicing of products. With the rapid onset of the industrial internet of things across the globe, companies have quickly realized the impact of a digital transformation. This is not an easy path to navigate, DITYASiS help you to get started with desired solution and with complete security.

Plant Optimisation

DITYASiS Plant optimization solution provides the perfect mix of technologies to reduce the cost of project and help sustainability and productivity. Plant optimization is a way for plant owners to get the most out of their facilities. While there are many algorithms that can help determine the exact effectiveness of a plant’s input to output ratio, DITYASiS can provide solution through variety of ways that you can improve your plant optimization.

Service Optimisation

DITYASiS service optimization solution provides the perfect mix of technologies to reduce the cost of service and help accelerate the productivity and efficiency of service stakeholders. DITYASiS aims to improve a service process that involves close interaction between customer and provider that bear human factors and greater uncertainties in comparison to a manufacturing process by developing smart customer retention techniques, building trust with your clients and also seeking customer feedback for improvement.

System Solutions

DITYASiS provides global solutions for Greenfield and Brownfield projects, Capacity Enhancement Projects, Operational Improvement, Modification and Revamping activities. DITYASiS undertake every project with the determination to achieve all the targets with best of the operational efficiencies within time, cost and resource constraints.

Digital Engineering

DITYASiS engineers help you succeed in the digital transformation and IoT era, redefine the nature and pace of your competition. DITYASiS digital engineering harnesses modern digital capabilities to improve an organization’s efficiency and value, enhance process sequences, transform end-user experiences. With the appropriate resource allocation, delivery models, project management, and team enablement, DITYASiS supports in delivering key values for Customer Success.

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